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ASBA Charges Of Nepali Banks In 2021 | Banks With Free ASBA Charges

ASBA Charges Of Nepali Banks In 2021

Banks With Free ASBA Charges

1Agriculture Development Bank Ltd.ADBL10
2Bank of Kathmandu Ltd.BOKL10
3Century Commercial Bank Ltd.CCBLFree
4Citizens Bank International Ltd.CZBIL20
5Civil Bank Ltd.CBLFree
6Everest Bank Ltd.EBL20
7Global IME Bank Ltd.GBIMEFree
8Himalayan Bank Ltd.HBLFree
9Kumari Bank Ltd.KBL10
10    Laxmi Bank Ltd.LBL25
11Machhapuchchhre Bank Ltd.MBLFree
12Mega Bank Nepal Ltd.MEGAFree
13Nabil Bank Ltd.NABILFree
14Nepal Bangladesh Bank Ltd.NBBFree
15Nepal Bank Ltd.NBL25
16Nepal Credit and Commerce Bank Ltd.NCCBFree
17Nepal Investment Bank Ltd.NIB20
18Nepal SBI Bank Ltd.SBI25
19NIC Asia Bank Ltd.NICAFree
20NMB Bank Ltd.NMB20
21Prabhu Bank Ltd.PRVU10
22Prime Commercial Bank Ltd.PCBLFree
23Rastriya Banijya Bank Ltd.RBBFree
24Sanima Bank Ltd.SANIMA
25Siddhartha Bank Ltd.SBLFree
26Standard Chartered Bank Nepal Ltd.SCB100
27Sunrise Bank Ltd.SRBL10
Note: The banks change/update the ASBA charges from time to time. Hence, the above amount may differ at current until it gets updated here as well.
For more queries, you can follow our Telegram channel for regular updates.


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