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Greater Nepal | Greater Nepal In Quest Of Boundary | Undivided Nepal

Greater Nepal In Quest Of Boundary Greater Nepal or Akhand Nepal, or Parajuli Empire are irredentist terms literally meaning "Undivided Nepal" #GreaterNepal Greater Nepal  is a concept of  Nepal  extending beyond its present boundaries to include present-day  Indian  territories controlled briefly by the Gurkha army after defeating some South Asian kingdoms in wars fought from 1791 to 1804 but ceded to the  East India Company  under the  Sugauli Treaty  (treaty for Partition of Nepal) after the Gurkha king was defeated in 1814–16  Anglo-Nepalese War . In 1813, the historical Greater Nepal extended from the Sutlej to the Tista, spanning 1500 kilometers. Rule over this expanse was brief, however, and in the aftermath of the 1814-1815 war with the East India Company, the Gorkhali realm was whittled down considerably. The real-time Gorkhali presence in Garhwal was for over a decade; Kumaon for 25 years; and Sikkim for 33 years. The Treaty of Sugauli, between the