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Create a Free Website In Nepal 2021

Create A Free Website In Nepal If you are looking for a free, easy and step-by-step guide on how to start a lifetime free blog then, you have come to the right place. I will try my best to guide you through this procedure. This article has been enormously helpful for viewers. Take a look! Everybody wishes to have their own website especially students(ICT), online researchers, gamers, etc but what comes in between us and our own website(blog) is the expensive price of the domain name and web hosting service. So today, I am here to teach you, how to create a website for free with domain and host it using free web hosting services . There are a number of online companies providing free websites (domain name with web hosting) like WordPress, Blogger, Wix, etc but with something fishy going on. Owning your own domain name looks far more professional than having your site on someone else’s domain (like, and it’s super

Cyber Law and Ethical Issues

CYBER LAW AND  ETHICAL ISSUES Introduction  Information and communication Technology is growing at lightning speed and its demand is multiplied every year. Development of new technology facilitates greater access, transparency, comfort level and ease of operations.  The technology brings lot of good things as well as equal amount of risks and challenges . Everyday, we read in the newspapers about the various cyber crimes, like credit card cloning (make copy), fraud mail, phishing, stalking, etc. Some of the youngsters involve in misusing the technology and get caught by the police authorities. Information Technology is encapsulating all the aspects of life across the world. With the advent of computers as a basic tool of Communication, Information Processing, Information Storage, Physical Devices Control, etc., a whole new Cyber Society has come into existence. The Cyber society operates on a virtual world created by Technology. The use of the Internet is one of t