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[2020/2077] Happy Teej Wishes, Quotes, Facebook Status, WhatsApp Messages, Images, SMS Greetings in Nepali / English / Hindi

[2020/2077] Happy Teej Wishes, Quotes, Facebook Status, WhatsApp Messages, Images, SMS Greetings in Nepali / English / Hindi

Haryali Teej Hartalika Teej

Teej is a Hindu festival observed particularly in the western and northern states of India and Nepal. Teej is also known as "Hartalika Teej" in Nepal and "Haryali Teej" in India, is celebrated primarily by girls and women with folk music, dance and prayer rituals.

The monsoon festivals of Teej are primarily dedicated to Goddess Parvati and her union with Lord Shiva.

The festival is a three-day-long celebration that combines sumptuous feasts as well as rigid fasting with folk music and dances add more flavor to traditional values of Teej.

Teej is celebrated by women, for the long life of her husband and long and firm relationship between them in this life and all the lives to come(the festival is celebrated for the well-being of spouse and children and purification of one's body and soul).

The important features of Teej are Teej Songs(folk songs) and dance, Red sari/saree/shari, and Dar, where most married women wear Red sari and unmarried girls wear the combination of Red, yellow, green color clothes. 
Also, females wear colorful(red/yellow/green) choora on their wrist and put mehndi on their hands and legs.

Happy Teej

Teej Is Mainly Celebrated For Three Days

1. Dar Khane Din
The first day is called "Dar Khane Din", where girls and women gathered together and eat rice pudding, fruits, and other stuff also known as "Dar".  They also perform dance and sing Teej songs(folk songs) on this day.

2. Fasting Day
The second day is called "Fasting Day", where girls and women stay without having any food all day and upon midnight gathered in a temple to pray Lord Shiva for getting a husband like him and for the well-being of spouse and children and purification of one's body and soul.

3. Rishi Panchami
The third day is called "Rishi Panchami", where girls and women worship Sapta Rishi ( Seven Saints or Sages according to Hindi religion), take bathe with red mud found on the roots of the sacred datiwan bush, along with its leaves and also brush their teeth with its stem and throw them on the river. Recent years have witnessed an alteration in the rituals.

[2020/2077] Happy Teej Wishes, Quotes, Facebook Status, WhatsApp Messages, Images, SMS Greetings in Nepali / English / Hindi

Happy Teej Wishes, Quotes, Facebook Status, WhatsApp Messages, Images, SMS Greetings in English

  • May the divine energy and love of God spread into your life with peace, prosperity, happiness and good health. HAPPY TEEJ

  • May Goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva bless your life with peace, prosperity, happiness, success and good health. HAPPY TEEJ

  • I wish you Happy Teej and I pray to god for your prosperous life. May you find all the delights of life and may your all dreams come true. HAPPY TEEJ

  • May the festival of Teej fulfill your life with ecstasy, ensure the well-being of spouse and children and purify your body and soul. HAPPY TEEJ

  • May the swing of joy fill your heart with love, happiness, and abundant fortune. HAPPY TEEJ

  • Warm wishes of Hartalika Teej to all. May you be blessed with abundance, happiness, and prosperity. HAPPY TEEJ

  • May Goddess Parvati bless you with happiness, peace, prosperity, success, and health. Wish you a very Happy Teej

  • Wishing you an Eternity with your loved one and plenty of good fortune. HAPPY TEEJ

  • May the festival bring happiness in your life and the blessings of Teej Gods will always be with you. HAPPY TEEJ

  • May this Teej fulfill your life with joy and happiness. HAPPY TEEJ

  • May this Teej bring peace, bliss, and abundance in your life. HAPPY TEEJ

  • May the magic of Teej bring lots of happiness in your life. HAPPY TEEJ

  • Teej is the day that shows women's love and sacrifice. HAPPY TEEJ

  • Happy Hartalika Teej To All. HAPPY TEEJ

  • Wishing you a very happy Teej festival. HAPPY TEEJ

Happy Teej Wishes, Quotes, Facebook Status, WhatsApp Messages, Images, SMS Greetings in Hindi

  • Sawan laya hai Teej ka tayohar   Bula rahi hai aapko khushiyon ki bahaar   Happy Hariyali Teej

  • Maa Parvati aap parr apni kripa hamesha banayee rahkhe. Aapko Teej ki Shubh Kamnaye. Happy Hariyali Teej

  • Chandan ki khosboo, badalon ki fuhaar, aap sabhi ko mubarak ho yeh pavitra Haryali Teej ka tyohar. Happy Hariyali Teej

  • Barish ki bunde is sawan mein failayein charon aur hariyali   Yeh tyohar le jayee aapki saab pareshani   Aapko Teek ki bahut bahut badhai

  • Hariyali Teej kaa tyohaar hai   Khushiyon ki bahaar hai   Pedon parr pade hai jhule   Dilon mein sabke pyaar hai   Happy Hariyali Teej

  • Diye ki roshni, bacho ka shor,rango ka male, laddoo ka bhog. Have a yummy, delightful, safe TEEJ.

  • Iss naye  teej ke saal  ho aapki life mein khushiyon ka mela, kabhi na aaye koi bhi jhamela! Happy TEEJ

  • Mehndi ki khushbu
    Piya ka pyaar
    Chand ka intazar
    Ho uska jaldi deedar..
    May God bless us all.
    Have a beautiful and happy life with your sweetheart.

  • Teej Ka Tyohaar Hai Umango Ka Tyohaar
    Phool Khile Hai Baaghon Mein
    Barish Ki Hai Fuhaar
    Dil Se Aap Sab Ko Ho Mubarak
    Pyara Ye Teej Ka Tyohaar!

  • Teej Ka Vrat Hai Bahut Hi Madhur Pyaar Ka,
    Dil Ki Shraddha Or Sachey Vishvaas Ka,
    Bichhiyaa Pairon Mein Ho,
    Maathe Par Bindiya,
    Har Janam Mein Milan Ho Hamara Piya

  • Aaya re aaya Haryali Teej ka tyohar hai aaya
    Sang mein khushiyan aur Der sara payar hai laya
    Haryali Teej ki der saari shubh kamnaiye

  • Aapko Hartalika Teej ki dher saari Shubh Kamnayee.

Happy Teej Wishes, Quotes, Facebook Status, WhatsApp Messages, Images, SMS Greetings in Nepali

  • तिजको पर्व कति पवित्र छ प्रेमको
    श्रदाले भरिएको मुटुको विस्शावसको पर्व
    हातमा हरियो चुरा अनि रातो सारीमा सजिएकी
    कित राम्रो सुहाएको नेपाली महिलाहरुलाई

  • Teej ko parba kati pabitra chha prem ko
    Shraddha le bhariyeko mutuko biswas ko parba
    Haatma hariyo chura ani rato sarima
    Kati ramro suhayeko Nepali mahilaharulai

  • Barsha din ko antaral pachhi
    Teej aayo barilai
    Nari haruko muharma hanso, khushi
    Chhayo barilai
    Didi bahinisangai rastra
    Dherai bhathyo naramailo
    Deshle balla aananda ra
    Ullash payo barilai
    Happy teej parba 2076


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